Public International Law

OVERVIEW Public international law is the body of rules that is legally binding on States and international organizations in their interactions with other States, international organizations and other entities. It covers a range of activities; such as, diplomatic relations, conduct of war, trade, human rights and sharing of oceanic resources.
STRUCTURE Level 1: Public International Law I ( 3 Months )
Level 2:Public International Law II ( 4 Months)
Level 3: Advanced Public International law Crash Course ( 1 week)
FEES One level – EGP 3,500
WHO IS IT FOR? Students, Fresh Graduates, and International Law Professionals
Entry level
International Law Background
Intermediate English
MATERIAL Presentations and books announced in class
Intended outcomes 1. You will be able to identify the subjects of International Law; assess their creation requirements; and the correlating int. rights and duties resulting from possessing ‘Legal Personality’ in PIL.

2. You will be able to identify, apply and analyze the sources of public international law.

3. You will be able to analyze international documents, including bilateral / multilateral Treaties; UN resolutions. You will be able to assess to what extent these documents contain binding obligations for States and IOs.

4. You will be able to assess State conduct regarding the legitimacy of the use of force, including (military intervention; economic sanctions) and adequate response mechanisms.

5. You will be able to assess States’ international legal responsibility for wrongful acts and respective legal consequences

6. You will be able to read, analyze, explain and apply (where necessary) rulings of international courts.

7. You will be able to prepare structured legal responses regarding questions on sources and subjects of PIL; the prohibition of use of force; State responsibility; and dispute settlement mechanisms.
Certification Certificate of Completion

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