The Story behind The Law

In 2015, a group of individuals with a shared passion for advancing the legal field and empowering the justice system came together with a singular mission. With an unyielding drive to make a difference, they founded THE LAW - an organization dedicated to guiding law practitioners, students, and experts through their vast array of information and resources. However, their mission went beyond merely providing services; they aimed to inspire change within their community and beyond.

Today, THE LAW proudly boasts a comprehensive service line that caters to all the needs of its audience, including The Law Awards - a prestigious platform that honors outstanding legal practitioners who have gone above and beyond in their field. Additionally, LawTalks brings together law firms and in-house counsel to network and exchange valuable knowledge and experiences. Furthermore, ACD and LEAP were created to provide younger generations with opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge, and exposure to bridge the gap in the legal field.

As THE LAW continues to expand and evolve, they remain steadfast in their belief that they have a responsibility to make the world a better place. More than just a business, they are a family committed to empowering their community and inspiring positive change in the legal world.


Operations Unit :

This department is responsible for the day-to-day operations of THE LAW, such as managing finances, hiring and training staff, and ensuring that events run smoothly.

Publications Unit :

This department is responsible for producing the THE LAW 's publications, such as magazines, newsletters, and reports. We write prepare Interviews, Interview, design layouts, and work with printers to produce the final product.

Educational Unit :

This department is responsible for developing, preparing and delivering educational content for the LEAP Program. Which offers training courses, webinars, and other educational resources to clients and customers.

Branding & Marketing Unit :

This department is responsible for creating and maintaining the THE LAW 's brand image. They develop brand guidelines and other visual assets, and ensure consistent messaging across all marketing materials. They also develop and execute marketing strategies, create advertising campaigns, and manage the company's social media accounts.

Creative Unit (Photography & Videography) :

This department is responsible for producing high-quality visual content for the THE LAW 's events, publications and coverage of legal events. They take photographs and videos of events, create promotional videos, and edit footage to produce compelling content for the THE LAW 's marketing materials.

Designing Unit :

This department is responsible for creating visual designs for the THE LAW's materials, publications, and events. They use their creative skills to develop eye-catching graphics, layouts, and other design elements.

Research Unit :

This department is responsible for conducting research related to the THE LAW's on-going projects. They gather data, analyze trends, and produce reports that inform the company's decision-making processes.

Events Unit :

This department is responsible for planning and executing the company's events. They coordinate with vendors, manage logistics, and ensure that events run smoothly and meet the company's goals.




Thanks to Gregg, we know everything is possible, and that there is absolutely nothing that we can not dream of. We all learned from him a lesson of dreaming big, or not dreaming at all.


The founder and former editor in chief of The Law magazine. A representation of an Iceberg, there are plenty of his ideas beneath the surface. Ziad is an advocate of the development and progress of the legal field and its integration.


She is the spear head of The Law Magazine and the one responsible for our river flow. Hoda’s been managing thee editorial department for the last 3 years beside her passion for practicing law as an attorney.


We started believing in ghosts when he joined us 5 years ago. Though believe that he is a mythical creature that rarely materializes, we are sure that he is everywhere and in every piece of writing that we produce.


With all the British characterises you can imagine, was responsible for some of our most insightful interviews that we’ve ever conducted.


Yasmin is our go-to for all management matters. You can imagine how hard it is to manage this kind of people fresh out of law school.


Part of our two-sided spear of visuals, Zeina is our illustrator and story teller. From cover designs, to marketing materials. Zeina interprets words into colours and tells the most amazing stories in a 3-window comic.


When getting a direction, you need a clear gesture. This gesture is always present in Mariam’s work and insights behind any event that she gets her eyes on it.


The Law never looked better! Thanks to Nada’s vision in how we should cooperate with our mountain range and landscape.


Walid is our older brother. We cry out loud when we need his help. Needless to say, we take him to our school yard fights.






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