Contract Drafting

OVERVIEW This program is designed to replicate the complete contract drafting experience and process from building to signature.
DURATION 6.5 hrs
STRUCTURE 1. Introduction
- Pre-Evaluation Sheets
- Introductions
- Class Interviews (Pairs), attendees Introductions
- Preliminary Comments, Ground Rules

2. Commercial Sale of Goods Contracts: Concepts
- Contract Drafting Process.
- Lawyer’s Critical Drafting Tools.
- Ambiguity.
- Attention to Detail.
- K.I.S.S method.
- Drafting Exercise
- The 5 key factual elements for the Transaction

3. Contract Structure and Content
- Overview of sections of a sale of goods contract
- Drafting Exercise - Parties to the Transaction
- Drafting Exercise - Draft the Definitions / Description of Goods
- Drafting Exercise - Draft the Term language
- Drafting Exercise - Draft the Price / Payment language
-Drafting Exercise - Draft seller Warranty & Disclaimer language
- Drafting Exercise - Draft the Governing Law & Venue language
- Drafting Exercise - Draft Limitation of Liability language
- Rule of Law
- Post-Evaluation Sheets
LOCATION Bedayat Cultural Center
FEES EGP 200 students / EGP 300 Graduates & Professionals.
WHO IS IT FOR? Students, Fresh Graduates, and Professional
Entry level
Intermediate English
MATERIAL Presentations and handouts in class
Intended outcomes 1. Immersion in the contract drafting process

2. Familiarity with basic concepts

3. Think Like a Lawyer

4. Diagramming the transaction

5. Identifying the key facts of the transaction

6. Five questions every contract answers

7. Microscopic detail & KISS – and the tension between them

8. Familiarity with basic structure and content of a sale of goods contract

9. Familiarity with the vital importance of Rule

of Law
Certification Certificate of Attendance