Australian Immigration Program

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Arwinder Singh

Immigration is cornerstone to Australia’s nation building. From the first European landing at Botany Bay in 1773, and a 7 million population by the second world war, Australia, today, has become a nation of more than twenty-five million people.

Australia represents a haven of stable society, rule of law, good governance, universal world class health and education, merit-based advancement, and overall, a relaxed and welcoming culture. As much as prospective immigrants want to become Australians, the country too needs them to temper its aging population, skills & labour shortages and to add to its diverse & vibrant culture.

Australia’s immigration laws are extraordinarily complex, codified and rule based. Frequent changes make it the most dynamic and ever changing complex legislative system in Australian Law. This is evident from the fact that over 3,000 pages of legislation and more than 20,000 pages of policy guidelines are the driving engine of this system.

Temporary Visas

Australia’s temporary visa programs allow people to come to Australia for a broad range of specific purposes (including visitation, study, working holidays and for international relations work) that deliver substantial economic and cultural benefits. The student and visitor visa programs are key enablers for Australia’s international education and tourism sectors, which are two of the largest export sectors.

Skilled Migration Program

The objective of this program is to meet Australia’s economic, demographic and labour market needs. It facilitates the entry of skilled workers and business migrants with high probability of labour force participation and productivity, based on their specialist skills in demand in the labour market. The Skilled Stream includes the following visa categories:

General Skilled Migration is for skilled workers who do not have an employer sponsorship, but possess skills and experience required in Australia, and are able to pass the points test.

Employer Sponsored Program is for applicants, who are sponsored by an Australian employer to fill a position that cannot be filled locally.

Business and Investment Migration, is for applicants who can invest or do business, develop new opportunities, and settle in Australia.

Global Talent Visa is for individuals who have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in a field prescribed for this visa program.

Family Migration

This program is for those who have a partner, parent, or a child, who is an Australian citizen or Permanent resident.

Refugee and Humanitarian Program

This program is for the applicants, who wish to invoke Australia’s obligations to protect refugees, displayed by conflict or human rights abuses. This program also covers applicants who seek temporary protection in Australia.

Arwinder Singh

Director and Principal Immigration Consultant