Great Britain A Monarchy to Survive

Awards Edition 23'

Modern Cases


Counselor Dr. Moataz Abuzeid

Concerning constitutional positions and norms established in old public law studies, it is important to note the space occupied by the English system in these studies as one of the main legal systems in the field of political systems. A model and stable legal system that has long been established, applied, and guarded as an inspiration for many other countries.

However, while discussing what was discussed and noticed, which is still current, and reviewing published articles about new changes that may occur in the British monarchy as King Charles Third received his throne after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth Second, one or more countries included in the Commonwealth of Nations may withdraw from the association or it may be converted to a republic or presidential system.

In 2021 a survey was conducted among British youth about the continuation of the institution of monarchy in England and the results were surprising: the majority percentage of the result among British youth prefer to change this old and great Kingdom.

During the current transition intervals it is not the stage to judge or evaluate the honesty or validity of these results. However, if it is recognized as an assumption or a point of discussion to be addressed, it can only be described as a new era of politics and law.

Changing the monarchy system in England is not a turning point of changing any constitutional change of a country or a kingdom by a normal way as referendum or an abnormal way as revolution. For the British system in England this is a new trend, this could be accompanied by changes in British constitutional history, such as a return to the issue of a written constitution, as was settled while creating the first and most famous constitutional monarchy, the "Magna Carta," that was issued in 1215, and breaking out of the box of the customary constitution established by British traditions for a long time.

Furthermore, changing the royal picture in the British royal system may pave the way for a new path for the legal system used in this monarchy, which may include the new governing power, whether it is a king or not, and this power may be involved in many political, administrative, and governmental roles away from the pure parliamentary system constructed in the United Kingdom by isolating the royal system in England from any political influence or interference.

The constitutional field will not only be affected as previously stated, but it should be noted that the history of the British system may also be affected, as the United Kingdom was established as the main pillar of this system in all kingdoms and traditional social systems, removing the royal picture of this country will contradict the traditional and customary legacy of this old country.

One of the main ideas of this change in English traditions and thoughts about the British monarchy is that all of these calls are not a natural result of the inauguration of the new king after 70 years of governance by the previous Queen and all of the extraordinary details present in this great event. However, a survey conducted within British society indicates a specific case for these changes that may be an English intention not only based on intentions of the Commonwealth of Nations.

In addition to the foregoing, there will be numerous inquiries about the reasons and considerations that pushed the British youth to make this choice or paved the way for all of these opinions and voices in support of the change with the arrival of the new king. Many questions will arise as to how to