The 21st Century Call to Justice

Awards Edition 21'



Gregg B. Brelsford

Dear Readers,

Our road to success started with Ziad Ali and early members of The Law family in 2015, and it is an honor to present this 11th edition of The Law in 2021. Our magazine started with a passionate vision to engage a new generation of Egyptian men and women in changing the world through strengthening the rule of law and the legal profession. In six short years, The Law has grown from a small group of bold and spirited visionaries to become the premier champion for justice and rule of law for the new generation of Egyptians.

The Law pioneered Egyptian-grown practical skills training courses for law students, new law school graduates and experienced law professionals. We also launched dynamic interactive conferences comprising practical training and cutting-edge legal issues through Law Talks. Finally, our polished law magazine is available in analog and digital formats to bring all of these ideas and discussions to tens of thousands of law community members throughout Egypt and worldwide.

You are the 21st century generation of lawyers and legal professionals in Egypt; you are Internet savvy, law savvy, and business savvy.

Look at you! You are the most amazing legal community in Egypt’s history - a core community of dedicated, dynamic, innovative people who want to vitalize and improve the legal world in this beautiful, great, ancient country of Egypt.

Imagine what you can do. Now is the time to take your enthusiasm, skill and leadership to the next level - helping the weak and vulnerable in society. This is the great noble call of the 21st Century to legal professionals around the globe: strengthening the rule-of-law and equal access to justice. Is this in your heart?