Challenges Facing All High Achievers

Women In Law Edition 22'

Philosophy and Thought


Jacqueline Saad

When I was asked, on different occasions, how I kept the balance between my life vs. job/career and if there were any trade-offs that I had to make, part of my answer was “It is not easy having a full-time job while juggling your responsibilities of being a good wife and mother”. That answer prompted an additional question about what advice I would give my younger self and all the other young, ambitious women out there. Part of my answer was, “without challenges, there would be no room to grow and shine”. Both questions and extended answers were part of my interview with The Law, in Women in Law 2020-2021 Special Edition No. 11.

While I was spending some quality time with my daughter, who is studying in Germany and was spending her summer break in Egypt, I had ample time to reflect on many things, amongst which I realized that a year has come and gone since I gave The Law interview, and it came to my mind that I should have elaborated more on the challenges part. Well, a few days later, the opportunity presented itself, and I was invited to write this short article.

Striking a Work-Life Balance is the challenge of anyone’s life, not only women; it is the fairytale in any fictional story. One can target to strike balance, but on the facet, it is nearly impossible to realize. Only the successful person realizes balance in both work and home. Assessing success on both levels can be challenging when my family, including my daughter, have no idea how busy my days are at work and how many challenges I must cross every day, which means they’ve never experienced a situation in which I was not around when they needed me. Even during the extended periods when I had to work from home, my subordinates and co-workers did always feel my presence.

Balancing my career with family life has become part of my daily routine, and it continues to prove its benefits in my life. I have become healthier, both mentally and physically, and I can achieve anything. With a work-life balance, I manage my time wisely, focus on the important things, set accurate and achievable goals, and communicate better with my family at home.

Do not let your job ask a lot of you or of your family, and if it does, you now know how to survive this challenge.