How to get away with law!

Women In Law Edition 21'

Philosophy and Thought


Farida A. Abouzeid

A guide from our favourite TV show’s iconic female characters

How to get away with murder, an American legal thriller television series, has been for a while now, a dream come true for the suspense-filled, adventurous, and eventful life a woman in law could dare to face in real life! With a bit of realism, this article will allow you to witness our favourite female character traits you could possibly need to become a successful woman in law.

Annalise Keating

Perfection is NOT Annalise Keating

If there is one sure thing about Annalise Keating, our main character, is that her character was far from perfect. Yet, she had exceptional students, brilliant teaching techniques keeping every single student on edge listening to her lectures. Her insistence and hard work towards being a remarkable professor and a thriving lawyer drives us to ask ourselves, can we become an Annalise Keating one day?

Confidence, bold and blunt!

Despite having a very soft spot while at home, another remarkable trait was how confident Annalise was in all career-related moments of her life. Teaching every woman of us, that it does not matter how vulnerable we get, or how life brings us down every now and then, success will always lift you up. Annalise never feared saying her opinion, and was always ready for risks.

“I am not a woman who gets afraid” – Annalise Keating.

Michaela Pratt

Extremely ambitious

Michaela Pratt, one of Annalise’s students, never failed to show us the importance of achieving what you put in mind, by never underestimating herself and always following her goals and knowing her capabilities well. Because, if not ambitious, how else will you know what you are capable of?

Never giving up

No matter how good or bad life is being, you can always find an excuse to give up. Michaela always found a reason to never let that happen, and always believed that anything worthwhile takes time, effort, and sacrifice.

“That’s called giving up. You might do that, but I don’t.” – Michaela Pratt

Bonnie Winterbottom

Honesty is key

Bonnie Winterbottom, associate attorney in Annalise’s firm, always found honesty as the best policy. Bombarded by lies and misdirection her whole life, her character became one of the strongest and mysteriously blunt. Teaching us along the way to never let life traumas get in the way of our careers, and always go one.

Second boss, but first in loyalty

Bonnie never failed to prove throughout the show, how insignificant it is what label you are currently living with, you do not have to be the boss of your job in order to be successful. She always demonstrated how loyal she is working for Annalise, and that itself, shows a lovely humble perspective.

“No matter what obstacles stand in her way, no matter how hard the challenge, Ms. Winterbottom is defined by her sense of loyalty” – Annalise Keating

Laurel Castillo

Beware the quite ones

Laurel Castillo, another student in Annalise’s class, was noticed since the beginning of how low-key and quite she was. Laurel’s parents raised her to always keep her mouth shut, ironically, now she rarely ever does. Laurel Castillo is a respectable example for a shining woman who does not allow anyone to limit her.

Wise people remain humble

Despite coming from an extremely wealthy family, Laurel always remained humble and always showed disagreement with anyone who does not respect everyone equally. For all the future lawyers out there, that is one significant trait to put in mind.

“Or you’re a classist elitist who thinks everyone who didn’t go to IVY is beneath you?” – Laurel Castillo

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