Q: What are the aims of THE LAW?

We Quote our very own mission statement on this regard:

“The law aims guides all practitioners, students, and experts of the legal field though its beacons of information that lights their way to the shore. From such point, The Law inspires its clients and audience to change when they take seeks its river of initiatives and products.
Our clients and audience will never feel stranded when they get connected through our mountain range of community partners and networking-focused events and products. All of which is made available for them to professionally navigate the vast space of the legal wilderness.
Our moment of truth is always unfolded when our ecosystem witnesses the outcomes of advocacy that it undertakes in every single step. When we witness the development of our children and their first cave painting, we’d only then work for their prosperity once more.”

In summary, we are here to baby step the legal field through the wilderness of this dynamic world.

Q: who is responsible for which roles at the LAW?

he law is run by various executives and teams that operate the various platforms and divisions of the company.

The current team of executives include:

Ziad Ali: President
Hoda A. Nafee: Editor in Chief
Khaled Al-Khashab: Senior Editor
Noran Abdulbaki: Senior Editor
Yasmine Soliman: Executive Manager
Zeina El-Bakry: Art Director
Mariam Bahaa: Marketing Analyst
Waleed Arafat: MarComm Advisor
Eman Nafee: Business Associate
Mahmoud Hesham: Media Production
Nada Nabil: PR Associate
Hesham Mohamed: IT Advisor
Jihad El-Said: Legal Advisor

Q: When was the LAW established?

The LAW was established in 2015 as a student-run publication. On 2017, it was incorporated as an LLC with the publication being one of its products aimed towards the development of the legal field.

Q: What are the products and services of the LAW?

The LAW currently presents the following products:
The Law Magazine: a quarterly printed paperback magazine.
The Law Online: an online platform that is used to circulate content related to the legal field.
The Legal Directory (Where You should Go): an online and printed directory of remarkable legal service providers.
The Law Awards: awards that reflect an exhaustive market research on components of the legal field.
The law also provides the following services:
The LAW Media Coverage: covering legal events and media procution.
The LAW Events Management: this line of service is responsible for managing our clients’ events and our networking and employment events (Annual Career Day, and The LAW Talks).
Legal Employability & Advancement Program (LEAP): a program that acts as platform of various courses and workshops designed to boost legal career through practice-focused programs.
The law also collaborates with its community partners over the following activities:
Corporate Football Tournament: In collaboration with Shalakany & MBH.

The Law Magazine & The Law Online

Q: What is The Law Magazine?

The Law Magazine is a community based-contributions magazine that updates the public, legal professionals, and students on the latest issues and trends of the Egyptian and international legal landscape.

Q: Who contributes to the Magazine? And how can they do so?

The Magazine is exclusively open to all ‘legal professionals’ to contribute. For guidelines on contributions, review policy, and expected time frames, please contact our Editor in Chief at

Q: What is the difference between the Law Magazine and The Law Online?

The Law Online is not limited to quarterly basis and printing, it is circulated online through our platform. Moreover, The Law Online is open to all professionals, students, and readers of various backgrounds. Subject, of-course, to review by our editorial department.

Q: Where is The Law Magazine circulated?

: Given the nature of issues covered by the Magazine, it is circulated in the domiciles of our clients, readers, persons of interest, and concerned entities.
This includes the circulation of the Magazine at:
Law Offices & Firms
Chambers of Commerce
Banks and Financial Institutions
The Lawyers Syndicate
International Cooperation Offices

The LAW Events Management

Q: What are The LAW’s internal events and what is the goal behind each of them?

The LAW has two events of its own that are annually held:
The Law Talks: the first and biggest legal forum in the MENA region that gathers top legal practitioners of Egypt and the MENA region, legal professionals of different practices and disciplines, government representatives, and aspiring students and young professionals in a round table-like environment dedicated for the exchange of knowledge and experience.
The Annual Career Day (ACD): a job fair where you can meet top legal institutions’ representatives and get to know the latest hiring trends in law, get access to exclusive job vacancies, and get the latest CV writing tips.


Q: what is the current reach of The LAW?

The LAW, as the shepherd of the legal field, prides itself in the engagement with its audience through the channels of the 21st century. Our audience include:
22,263 Facebook Followers
22,674 Twitter Followers
1,930 Instagram Followers


Q: When are LEAP Courses announced, and what are the fees for the courses?

LEAP Courses are tailored based on feedback of the community, pressing needs of the field, and innovation of the LEAP Team. They are developed with each annual cycle based on the aforementioned observations. Hence, there is no standard timing or fees that apply to the program and its courses.
Be sure to check our website and social media platform for announcements of the LEAP Program.

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